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Cheated to Blizzcon: Blizzard’s Tom “Kalgan” Chilton cheats Slip ‘n’ Slide (Skill Capped) to $50000

Posted by Ceon - October 23, 2011, 02:03

It’s always interesting to hear the commentators remark at how teams earned their place at BlizzCon. It’s even more interesting when a certain member of Blizzard knows for sure one team in particular doesn’t deserve their place. In fact, it’s more interesting still when this member of staff abetted this team in acquiring a place.

Isn’t it nice to have friends in high places? And who better to serve as an example than Pookz.

Poor Pookz was having trouble getting into qualifying range as DK/Mage/Priest. Fortunately for him, Snutz, Toez and HR weren’t having an easy time of it either as WLS. A bit of jiggery-pokery on the last day of Season 9 provided a much needed distraction and suddenly both teams weren’t doing so badly.

Snutz and Toez, truly a courageous and honourable pair, decided to ditch HR. Well he wasn’t going to stand for this; he hacked their accounts, deleted their characters and got them banned. While the retaliation may seem brutal, the phrase “just deserts” does come to mind.

Luckily for those two, Pookz has a friend.  His name is Tom “Kalgan” Chilton. You might be familiar with him. As the Lead Game Designer for World of Warcraft he certainly has a lot of sway.

Mr Chilton helps his friends out. He not only restored their characters with MMR and rating still intact, but he cloned them onto another account. With zero chance of qualifying without this intervention, some could say Mr Chilton is their knight in shining armour.

Unfortunately, the three of them still weren’t quite in qualifying range. It was no worry though because with a tiny bit of win trading anything is possible. In fact, it’s even speculated that Toez didn’t really fancy accepting a queue, so they achieved one of their many wins in a 2v3 scenario. I wonder how…

Rightfully an RLS should have had their place at the US Invitational, but Blizzard isn’t concerned about cheats and fair play. Indeed, Season 9 highlighted that fact. They were just glad they’d have the famous faces at the event.

It must be nice to have such contacts in the US. Indeed a series of top players in the US have had their accounts unbanned for activities such as using an Archaeology Bot. Kalimist though? Who’d unban him!

Fortunately, the team failed to capitalize on Kalgan’s corruption and ended up losing in the final to the Korean team, OMG.

Niko provided this interesting screenshot in the comments:

For those asking for a source, I’ll quote syeren in the comments:

“The players / teams / organizations who can provide proof are currently laying low, as it could prove detrimental to them depending on how Blizzard react.

The first I heard of this was the week following the US Regionals, where Yiska let me in on the whole drama.

The source is very valid, we just need the permission of the people providing the information to post up more information and names.”


Blizzcon Invitational Day 2

Posted by syeren - October 22, 2011, 18:24

Hopefully starting soon without as many delays as yesterday!

Blizzcon Live Stream Here


Showtime (Yaspresents) vs. DNAW Trio

Game 1:
DNAW started out on Another who immediately cast AMS as Glyptic ate a UA silence to mitigate their slight pressure. Showtime started pumping out the pressure on to the enemy Mage who was immediately forced to block. A stream freeze on my end, but DNAW won the game.

Game 2:
Once again Showtime went straight after DNAWs Mage. We see an early Gargoyle and empowered Pet from Another for the extra pressure. DNAW answered back with a Ring of Frost and Death Coil on to Another who dropped quite low. It was then a back and forth between the centre pillar and DNAWs starting area. DNAW really saw the advantage of positioning themselves in the starting area with Showtime having to run back and forth between there and the centre pillar. Showtime we’re really struggling to get on to their target. Glyptic got caught into a Deep, Coil and Howl but managed to survive. We then saw Showtime turn up the pressure on Rodriguez. Another got a fantastic Deathgrip on Rodriguez, pulling him out of LoS of his shaman. After a slight chase into the starting area, Rodriguez went down.

Game 3:
DNAW waste some early CC with a Hex and Ring on Another as Glyptic was pet silenced. They then started putting the pressure out on to Another who immediately uses AMS as Death Coil ends. The pressure was built up even further with a full Poly on Glyptic which forced an AMZ out of Glyptic. Showtime chose to start putting pressure out on to Dakkroth. They built up momentum when DNAWs Shaman dispelled UA. With the DoT damage brining him low, Showtime switched onto the Mage who was forced to block. We then had some back and forth between the two teams. Showtime caught the evocating Mage into a Death Coil dropped him dead.

Series taken by Showtime/Yaspresents

Team EG vs Skill Capped. Slip ‘N’ Slide

Game 1:
Both teams start out by trading damage, but it becomes clear that Skill Capped cannot keep up in a damage race with the DoT team. Talbadar was forced to drop out of Shadow and heal himself on a few occasions, but in the end EG just overpowered Skill Capped with superior play.

1-0 Team EG

RoV, the shooting range, the worst map in the game. Both teams mindlessly trade damage, with Skill Capped coming out ahead at the mid-way point of the game. All of a sudden Team EG take momentum and eventually secure a kill on Snutz.

2-0 Team EG

Team EG vs GameSense.DNAW

A very intense game to decide who was in the final four of the tournament.

GameSense.DNAW win and go through to the Final 4.

Skilled Capped vs GameSense.DNAW

Game 1:
This game wasn’t exciting with neither team really dropping below 50% too often. Rodriquez did outplay Pookz, keeping him without his pet for the majority of the game. Dakkroth did drop quite low in a deep when his Shaman was caught into a Poly, but was topped up by a Spirit Link straight after. There was one point where neither team had any dots up. As the game started to move to it’s third act, Toez trinketed poly to keep Snutz up and Pookz used his last block as Toez was caught into a hex and deep. All team members of Skill Capped were low at this point and a spirit link did very little to help. DNAW then made a hard switch to Snutz who got caught into a Ring and dropped dead.

Game 2:
This game was more one sided at the start with Skill Capped controlling the game. They put a lot of pressure on to Dakkroth, firstly at the start when his Shaman ate a UA silence and secondly when his Shaman was caught into a hex. However, Pookz also dropped low at this point. Turning the tide, DNAW switches hard to Pookz as his Shaman was caught into a fear and Poly. The team soon got him into another Poly as Snutz dropped low. We saw an howl and spell lock straight after, but he managed to live. Toez then dropped low himself and trinkets Death Coil to try and escape, but unable to get a heal off, he droped dead from DoT damage.

Game 3:
The team of Skill Capped start on the opposing Shaman. While DNAW were able to peel for him, he still had to use NS and his trinket to survive. They did try and reverse the pressure with a full Poly on to Toez while dropping Pookz quite low. However, even with a follow up CS, they were not able to drop him too low. We then saw DNAWs Shaman caught into a CS and drop quite low as his mage was also quite wounded. With a short switch on to DNAWs Mage, Skill Capped waited out the cooldown of CS anad Deep. They tried to chain both onto DNAWs Shaman, but the follow up Polymorph hits just as his trinket comes back up. After a bit of back and forth and a nice blink and evocate by Rodriguez, Drudenhaus was caught into a Sheep and Deep. Even with Snutz in CC, Skill Capped were able to get the kill on Drudenhaus.

Game 4:
There was a very exciting ending to this game. With no cooldowns left, Drudenhaus managed to survive time and time again. However, with zero mana left, Skill Capped didn’t even both throwing any CC on to Drudenhaus as they switched to a block-less Rodriguez for the kill.

Game 5:
The final game nearly hit the 15 minute mark. There was tons of back and forth action with both teams nearly scoring a kill at times. The lead up to the ending saw Drudenhaus drop low in a Deep, but he managed to save himself with a Spirit Link. The team of Skill Capped then switched their focus over to Dakkroth who managed to survive the first encounter by getting out of LoS while his parter, Rodriguez, landed a Poly onto Pookz. However, Skill Capped were quick to keep up the pressure on Dakkroth. They caught Drudenhaus into a hex, but he trinketed and was immediately caught into a Fear followed by a CS. This lead to the kill on Dakkroth.

Series goes to Skill Capped.

Showtime (Yaspresents) vs. OMG

Game 1:
At the start OMG charged in with all cooldowns popped. Fabio was their focus and immediately dropped very close to death, but an NS (I believe) from Glyptic kept him up. OMG then switched onto Another who also dropped low, but had AMS to counter some of the pressure. As their cooldowns run out, OMG started to fall behind. It might have been worth playing defensive, but they stayed in the open and it was only a matter of time before one of them dropped. Another got his revenge on the enemy DK and got the kill.

Game 2:
A really good opening here from Yaspresents. They went for immediate CC on to OMG with a Strangulate on to the Paladin and a Howl of Terror on to the DK and Hunter. They really disrupted OMGs opening. OMG did put out some pressure on Fabio who was struggling to get out of LoS, but a Spirit Link stops him dropping. Yaspresents immediately starts putting pressure out, forcing a Bubble from the enemy Paladin. While OMG were able to get some pressure out to Glyptic, the Paladin had nothing left to keep his DK up (except BoP that did nothing…).

Game 3:
RoV, guess who won?

Let me note though Another made the play of the tournament. Dropping quite low, he predicted the Paladins Bubble and managed to steal it to survive. Amazing stuff and well worth watching for.

Game 4:
Dalaran Sewer. Another dropped very low and the pressure persisted after AMS and IBF. Glyptic was caught into a CC chain and sued trinket at some point. With a Strangulate going on to him as Another was out of cooldowns, it was game over for Showtime. It seems one error cost them the game.

Game 5:
RoV again, guess who won?

The map alone decided the victor.

Showtime (Yaspresents) gets knocked out of the Tournament and OMG will be heading to the final.


The Korean OMG just beat Skill Capped in the final of the Global Battle.net Invitational.

Some really exciting games

Congratulations to them.


BlizzCon: WoW Battle.net Invitational Coverage

Posted by Ceon - October 21, 2011, 20:35

Soe will not be joining the commentators. Halle-fucking-lujah!

They game does appear to be installed as well.

Stream: http://eu.battle.net/blizzcon/en/live-stream/


While it’d be fantastic to give you guys of a summary of all the games played so far, Blizzard hasn’t deemed it necessary to update the scores again.

Skill Capped (MLP) Vs. Team Roccat (Rogue/DK/Pally)

Game 1 – Nagrand Arena:
Skill Capped takes the game with a kill on to Team Roccats DK. Team Roccat, going against the grain for a Taiwan team, gained a lot of pressure on to Skill Capped early on. Unfortunately, my stream was frozen for most of this and I actually started to hear both the current audio and audio from a few minutes back. Fun.

Game 2 – Ruins:
Another back and forth game here. The melee cleave got some pressure on to Snutz in a Smoke Bomb/Kidney Shot, but soon started to tunnel vision Pookz. While Skill Capped made a few errors such as overlapping Ice Block and Hand of Protection, they were able to get Team Roccats cooldowns used up with their constant pressure and make a switch on to their Paladin with a Deep Freeze/Death Coil combo for the win.

Skill Capped Takes the first series.

Team EG vs. Anarchy Roc

Game 1 – Ruins
Team EG takes the game. Anarachy Rocs not doing too badly though. They managed to pressure Talbadar quite substantially, but they tunneled him far too much.

Game 2 – Ring of Valor
Worst map ever makes its first appearance this year. The warrior switching it up to Gag order spec this time round. They once again trained Talbadar, but with no pressure and little control going out on to Azael, Team EG put out a ton of pressure on all 3 members of Anarchy Roc. This game looked like Team EGs throughout and while Anarchy Rocs positioning meant they couldn’t use spirit link at the end, it would have done very little to help.

Showtime (Yas Presents) vs. Anarchy Roc

Game 1 – Dalaran
Anarchy Roc made the right decision by going on Another in my view. The problem is they were to eager to jsut stick to him. Another did show us why he’s considered the best DK with his fantastic cool down usage. We saw quite an early Rallying Call and Spirit Link from Anarchy Roc and they just didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the damage of Yas Presents. ShadowCleave showing it’s amazing combination of constant pressure and ability to switch. A really nice first game from Yas Presents.

Game 2 – Nagrand
Yas Presents just puts out constant pressure and Anarchy Roc doesn’t even get a look in. As one sided as you can get. Anarchy Rocs Shaman even went OOM trying to keep up with the pressure. Anarchy Roc really need to improve their defensive play.

Skill Capped (MLS) vs. Yas Presents (ShadowCleave)

Game 1 – Dalaran
The most exciting game so far. A lot of back and forth towards the start, but as the game went on, the ShadowCleave started to gain the advnatage. Another was playing fantasticly again. Caught into a Deep, CS and Coil, he immediately trinketed the Coil to avoid falling into a bad position. Just like with Anarchy Roc, the ShadowCleave were able switch to whoever they liked. This was really punishing on Skill Capps Shamans mana. Pookz went down at the end, but it really could have been any member of Skill Capped.

Game 2 – Blades Edge
Another exciting matchup. This was a reverse of the Dalaran Arena game, with every member of Yas Presents under pressure. Skill Capped seemed much more offensive this time round, nearly getting a kill on to Fabio who was able to slip below out of danger. Another nearly dropped too while Glyptic was caught into a Howl. The team of Skill Capped wasn’t able to follow up any further CC on to Glyptic. After somewhat of a CC chain by the MLS, the ShadowCleave got very offensive, putting a lot of pressure out on to Skill Caps Shaman. While he nearly dropped, a blanket silence on to Glyptic and he went down.

Game 3 – Ring of Valor
Immense pressure on to Pookz from Showtime, but the server crashes. It really does seem Showtime would have had this. NS/Spirit Link/first Ice Block all used by Skill Capped.

Game 4 – Ring of Valor
This was a return to form for the ShadowCleave with the health pools of Skill Capped looking exactly like they did in the first game on Dalaran. They really pressured Pookz and Toez throughout, almost getting a kill while Snutz was caught into a hex. Skill Capped made a great comeback though, they forced Another to go peel mode and then made a switch on to him while Glyptic was caught into a Polymorph and Fear right after. Another went down, giving the series to Skill Capped.

Team EG vs. Yas Presents

1 – 0 Yaspresents

Both teams were starting out quite slowly, with the Shadowcleave going for Talbadar while the Shadowplay isn’t really getting into the game right. The SP does a great job surviving without using Dispersion though, which puts them in a really good position cooldown-wise. The US team manages to get Glyptic really low with once more, Spirit Link Totem being the only thing saving the day, while Talbadar drops low again in a strangulate on Cdew. Afterwards Talbadar again shows what a great player he is, managing to pull of a Mind Control on a full dotted Another, almost dropping him, being at the same time unable to save Cdew, who almost drops from Fabyo alone, Spirit Link Totem AGAIN showing what a powerful defensive CD it is. Talbadar is still sitting low though with Cdew taking a lot of damage too, forcing him below 10% and eventually killing him with Talbadar also sitting on really low HP.

1 – 1

The EU team sticks to their plan of forcing early cds by going for Talbadar with a Strangulate on Cdew, stacking up Necrotic Strikes on the SP and then swapping to his healer. The Shadowplay manages to drop Another really low again, forcing an AMS, choosing to stick to him after AMS is down though. Glyptic seems to accidentaly dispel a Vampiric Touch, taking a LOT of damage with Azael doing an incredible job of noticing this and pre-Spell Locking into a Death Coil into a full Fear on Glyptic, killing him with no chance of saving himself.

2 – 1 Yaspresents

Talbadar loses a big chunk of his HP early due to dispelling Unstable Affliction but is able to get picked up again. There are not many new strategies to see as both teams seem to stick to their known tactics, until suddenly Yaspresents is hardswapping to Azael, which no one expected with him not even being the target once in the former games, globalling him so quick it was impossible to react to it, winning the EU team the series 2 to 1.

GameSense.DNAW vs Kimchi Man

0 – 0

The MLS is going for the Rogue right away while the Korean playes do a GREAT job of locking down Dakkroth until they can have a full CC on him again to swap onto Drudenhause, almost causing a kill several times, catching him off-guard. At the same time, the MLS isn’t really trying any smart moves but has chosen to just kite and tunnel the Rogue. In the midgame nothing was really happening with the game stabilizing until the RLS manages to force Spirit Link Totem in yet another swap onto Drudenhaus, keeping him and Rodriguez both very low for a considerable amount of time, while the MLS tries to switch onto the Korean Lock with a full poly on their shaman with NS stopping their assault though. The game balances out again until the MLS seems to burst the rogue from 100 to 20% out of nowhere, forcing Spirit Link Totem as so often this evening. Right now the MLS is seeming to just randomly tunnel damage into anyone in Line of Sight, forcing both the Korean Shaman and Lock very low. Kimchi man is able to stop some of the damage by going hard onto Dakkroth, the game is interrupted though due to a disconnect and a rematch is set on.

1 – 0 Gamesense (DNAW)

This time DNAW gets the momentum early, multi-dotting the Rogue and the Shaman, while Drudenhaus gets dropped to below 50% but the Rogue is peeled away by his teammates. Some damage is exchanged
with Kimchi Man kind of desperately trying to get at the enemy shaman at least forcing NS in the course of it. Nothing happening for another few minutes until the MLS suddenly rips a big chunk of about 70% of the Rogues HP in a global, Cloak stopping the pretty safe kill opportunity though. The RLS recovers and they manage to catch Drudenhaus in a smokebomb, dropping him to dangerous HP levels and keeping him there for a considerable time, although the Rogue gets caught into a Ring, wihile being out of range of the used Spirit Link Totem, making it into range just in time to get picked up again. Gamesense was propably reminded of old Season 8 days, so they just sticked to tunneling as much damage as possible into the Rogue, eventually dropping him in a series of crits.

2 – 0 Gamesense (DNAW)

The Korean Rogue gets popped out of stealth after landing a Sap and is instantly dropped to 20% being tunneled by both DPS of the enemy spellcleave, being able to stabilize again though, with the Rogue getting 2 restealths behind a pillar, reopening on the EU team, only to get caught in a full Deep Freeze without trinket, dying once more to the immense damage the MLS can put out.

GameSense.DNAW vs OMG

1 – 0 OMG

The PHD almost globals Dakkroth in the opener, making Rodriguez panic and try everything to cc them. The DK and Hunter are doing a great job of dodging the ring though, leaving it without any effect. Drudenhaus is able to pick his Lock again though and the MLS is trying to turn it around, almost killing the DK instead. Having forced NS in the opener, the PHD realizes they will have a great advantage in terms of cooldowns, now trying to force as many of the enemy ones as possible, which they start by forcing an instant block by Gamesenses Mage. The MLS seems to have overcome their initial panic though, settling on the Dk, while Goochi is doing a great job keeping himself out of CC. A full Hoj followed by a trap brings Rodriguez to really dangerous HP lvls once more, while Dakkroth is solo pressuring both the DK and the Hunter by Dots alone, forcing a bubble on the Korean Paladin. The lack of focus on defense by the MLS is instantly punished though by forcing the second block of Rodriguez with them swapping between the Spellcleaves both DPS and only Spirit Link Totem spoiling their kill yet. OMG pushes for the mage again almost killing him but the Hunter is dropping REALLY low in exchange, with only a clutch sacrifice by Goochi saving him and they finish the job killing Rodriguez to take the lead in this last game for today.

1 – 1

The PHD is playing a lot more passive at the start this time, Sleeping waiting behind a pillar for a considerable duration, only to come out after Drudenhaus being trapped to almost global Dakkroth, forcing a Trinket and NS by Gamesenses Shaman. Right now the Korean Team is switching back and forth between the lock and mage, forcing an Ice Block once more, but the MLS is able to turn the tides, bringing the DK to below 10% before he gets picked back up. OMG now gets back on their favourized target Rodriguez but fails to get pressure up so they try to get yet another reset. DNAW sticks to the DK now, stacking up their vast amounts of CC on Goochi who is not able to keep his melee up through all this control thrown at him, tying the series.

2 – 1 OMG

OMG is using yet another opening strategy, going instantly on the spellcleaves healer with all their amounts of interrupts and control stacked up on him, globaling him without any chance of recovery, scoring a kill worth the Ring of Valour it was executed on, taking this series away and getting an incredible second place in the final rankings (more below).


So day 1 is over, and we see that it’s foolish to underestimate Korea in any tournament! Thanks to Ricopalmer on the forums for filling for Ceon in the last couple of games.


BlizzCon: New Expansion Trailer Underwhelming?

Posted by Ceon - October 21, 2011, 20:07

Blizzard just played the new trailer for the next WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria. It’s a good job Chris Metzen clarified it’d focus more on Horde vs. Alliance because otherwise it be shrouded in even more mystery. In fact, Metzen having to clarify what the expansion would focus on showed how lacklustre the trailer was.

From a first impression perspective it was very much underwhelming.

Firstly let’s look at these titles:

1. The Burning Crusade
2. Wrath of the Lich King
3. Cataclysm

Now we go to Mists of Pandaria. If it’s about war, choose a title that emphasises that. It wasn’t necessary to call Wrath of the Lich King, Northrend or the Burning Crusade, outland. It could have still been set in this new area without having the title be so lame.

In fact, he’s just admitted the Panda race was rejected in TBC. So essentially we have a rejected race?

Ok so we get a new class, the Monk. As interesting as that sounds, the introduction of DKs doesn’t give me much hope that they’ll handle the class correctly.

It’s a good job they announced the Annual subscription prior to the trailer because frankly I highly doubt that encouraged people to shed out £108 for beta access and a free copy of Diablo 3.

The theme at least sounds interesting and we could actually see some focus on PvP.

Of course, perspectives will change as more information is revealed.

What are your views on the trailer?


BlizzCon: Stream Up

Posted by Ceon - October 21, 2011, 18:40

The free tournament streams are active, currently playing the pre-show coverage:

EU: http://eu.battle.net/blizzcon/en/live-stream/#filter=hall-b
US: http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/live-stream/?stream=wow

“They’ll probably be an announcement of the new WoW Expansion” – Mentioned 43 times so far. Very subtle. Will be funny if they’re trolling.