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16 thoughts on “Hydra XI

  1. Hey hydra its cool and all that you dont use addons but it makes it a little hard to track your partner’s CC on clips where theres no commentary

  2. unfortunately, we may not view this movie because of the music – would you mind providing a version w/o sound – for Germany’s broken Law-victims? ;-)


  3. Thank you Hydra. To see you go, makes me really sad. I’ve been looking up to you as a fellow priest since you started playing this game. You have really helped me improve my gameplay. I don’t play the game anymore, but thank you for some huge tips, tricks etc, which helped me get glad.

  4. Despite the sad ending, (where he runs back to his spiritual home) I hope you all understand that this is not the ending, of Hydra ! he is going back to the university to continue with his life. That doesn’t mean he will delete his account and never play WoW again. He will just play less than approximately 10+ hours a day.

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